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The Alumni Network - Simple and Invaluable

The word alumn derives from Latin and is more often than not used nowadays to mean "former student".

Anyone who has formally studied at Dalarna University, as well as those still studying here, are considered to be alumni.

The aim of the Alumni Network is to be a meeting place for students and business and industry - a place where information, knowledge, skills and experience can be shared between current students, former students, and the University. We want to ensure that members of the Alumni Network find it to be both a simple yet invaluable means of networking.

Latest Information from Dalarna University

There is a great deal happening at Dalarna University in the areas of education, research, innovation, collaboration, and professional development opportunities. All of these are areas where you can make contact with current and former students, as well as faculty members. The network enables you both to market your competence and to draw inspiration from others.

Share Your Experiences

Your experiences and your skills and knowledge from your student years and working life make you an important and invaluable contact.

Simple To Be Involved

We want the exchange of information to be as simple as possible. We want to be where you are, which is why we use various social media channels.

LinkedIn will be one of our main sources of updated information about what is happening at Dalarna University.

Join the 10 000 others following us on Dalarna University’s LinkedIn page and receive invitations to lectures, seminars and a host of other events.

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Fredrik Remes
Tel: 023-77 83 87


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