Intercultural Studies

With a base in the Humanities, Linguistics, Social Sciences and Media Studies, Intercultural Studies at Dalarna University is made up by 75 researchers organized in five research groups, namely

Research within these groups revolves around human communication, intercultural interactions, socio-cultural discourses, identity construction, and representations in various media.

A primary research concern is how discourses and social and cultural identities are constructed, presented and located in different fields of tension – between the individual and the collective, the minority and the majority, the local and the global, the secular and the religious, and the present and the historic. Outcomes of such tensions are also studied, that is, value conflicts, intolerance, and social exclusion as well as hybridization and strategies to facilitate intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding.

A substantial portion of this research is conducted in close cooperation with the industry, civil society and public sector. Intercultural Studies is also a member in the Horizon 2020-project Accomplissh (Accelerate co-creation by setting up a multi-actor platformfor impact from Social sciences and Humanities; see

Head of Research
Jonas Stier
Professor of Intercultural Studies
Telephone: 023-77 86 20