We have a wide range of computer-based tools and programmes for which we provide both courses and daily support. Employees at Dalarna University are able to sign up for different courses inside the Staff pages, Du&Ja. At the start of every term, students are able to attend both courses and brief overviews of both Fronter and Connect.

Some tools may not have courses in-place or there can be a number of courses just in the beginning of every semester. Please contact the NGL Centre if you require a course in one of these.



ikon Fronter

Fronter is Dalarna University’s web-based learning platform and is used for administrative purposes for all our courses and programmes. 

Adobe Connect (Meetings)    ikon Connect

Adobe Connect, or Meetings as we also call it (Samtal in Swedish), is a programme for meetings in our web-based distance courses. Using Connect, teachers and students can meet, discuss, and share information during, for example, seminars.

Videochat    ikon Videochat

Video Chat is a system for the direct transmission of live lectures so that viewers can watch lectures being given in a Dalarna University lecture hall.


Recording Studio

Teachers can use the recording studio to make digital recordings of their lectures that can then be made available to students.


SMART Board and Sympodium    ikon SMART

SMART Board is a large, touch-sensitive writing board with interactive functions that can be used in some of our rooms. Sympodium is a smaller version of SMART Board that can be connected to a projector.

Adobe Presenter    ikon Presenter

Adobe Presenter transforms PowerPoint presentations easily into lectures with recorded voice and video.


Ephorus is an online anti-plagiarism tool that teachers use to check students’ texts for plagiarism.


Dalarna University’s own Wiki is used by both teachers and students to create and edit texts. The texts comprise a larger collection of knowledge in widely different subjects.

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