Development Projects


The ambition with the NGL-programme is to develop pedagogy, as well as the forms and technical aspects of education, so as to enhance the quality of education as a whole.

Nowadays, it is possible to access information and receive an education from anywhere in the world. Currently, students living in all corners of the globe are registered at Dalarna University. The forms for learning are changing as students tend more and more to utilise an increasing number of sources to gain skills needed in the educational sphere as well as in professional working life.

For these purposes the NGL-programme finance a number of teacher-driven projects every year. You can read about these projects here, organised after which School that runs them.

You can also see all currently active projects in alphabetical order here.

School of Education, Health and Social Studies

The School of Education, Health and Social Studies offers the Nursing Programme, Social Work Programme, Social Studies Programme, four teacher training programmes, and two Sport and Fitness Coach programmes, as well as a number of courses in the fields of Social Studies, Health Care, Medical Science, and Sport and Fitness.

School of Technology and Business Studies

The School of Technology and Business Studies educate tomorrow’s engineers, economists, business people, and computer scientists.

School of Humanities and Media Studies

The School of Humanities and Media Studies offers educational opportunities in foreign language study (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and Swedish as a Second Language) as well as Media Studies ranging from the theoretical study of media and IT as structures to the artistic and technical skills that are required for different types of media.