Borrowing Rules

Library Card / User Account

The target groups for the university library are students and staff at Dalarna University.

When you begin your studies at Dalarna University you will get a user account with a username and password. The same user account is also used for all  library services. To get a valid user account you will need to be registered for a course or program. Please note that when you borrow books from us you also agree to follow our borrowing rules.

If you are an employee at Dalarna University you can access the library services with your username and password.

If you are at one of our campuses in Falun or Borlänge you will need your student or staff card to borrow books at our automated checkout. The Helpdesk will provide you with your card.

All messages regarding your loans will be sent to your university e-mail.

Please note that we are not able to send books or articles abroad; you can however use our electronic resources.

The library is open to the public. You will need to register and get a library card when you visit the library (remember to bring a valid photo identification).

Loan Periods

Course references/ Reference books For use in the library only
DVDs (staff and students only) 4 days. DVDs may be renewed once, for 2 days only.
Books and CDs 14-28 days. Guaranteed loan period 14 days. If no one requests the book, you may have it for 28 days.
Journals Borlänge: 7 days. Falun: for use in the library only.


Three days before the book's due date you will receive a courtesy notice via e-mail. If you wish to renew your loan, you may do so online using the library catalogue. Please note that you may renew DVDs once only and only for an additional two days.

Reduced Loan Period

If someone places a request on a book you have borrowed, your loan period will be shortened to 14 days. The 14 day loan period (guaranteed loan period) starts from the date you borrowed the book.

If a new request is placed on the book within the first 14 days of your loan, you will get a notice that your loan period has been shorted to the guaranteed period.

If a request is placed after the end of the guaranteed period you will receive a notice asking you to return the book. It is therefore very important that you check your e-mail regularly!

If there are existing requests on the book when you borrow it, your loan period will be 14 days.

It is always your responsibility to take note of the loan period on your receipt and via your "Library account" on the web. You are responsible for your loans, even when you are ill or travelling.


Books that are checked out to another person can be requested via the online library catalogue. You will receive an e-mail when the book is available; please note that you must collect the book from the library within 3 days.

If you live outside the Falun or Borlänge district, you may request books which are currently in the library, (catalogue status "Available").  Please note that requested books are only removed from the shelves once a day by the library staff. Until then, those books are available for loan to other library users.

If you live within the Falun or Borlänge district, please do not request books that are "Available". Instead, come to the library in person to borrow them. Note that books from one library can be picked up at the other library. Use "Select a pickup location" and select either Borlänge or Falun when making your request.

Overdue Fees

Books and CDs 5 SEK/day/Book
DVDs 50 SEK/day/DVD

If overdue fees exceed 200 SEK, no loans/renewals/requests will be permitted until the fees have been paid in full.

Overdue Notices

The library will send you three overdue notices for books that are overdue.

If you do not return your book within 14 days after the third reminder, an invoice will be sent to you and your library card will be blocked. You must pay a set sum + tax for every lost book. Damaged or lost books must be replaced by the borrower, either by buying new copies or by invoice.

We reserve the right to suspend your borrowing rights if you should breach our borrowing rules.