Technological Development in Teaching and Learning

23 Feb 2012 10:49

The second day of the NGL Conference opened with a presentation by Charles Crook, Professor at the University of Nottingham, and Docent in Information and Communications Technology.

Professor Charles Crook, University of Nottingham.

He spoke about how the latest technology creates new situations, which in turn lead to new experiences in terms of student learning. The interpersonal dynamic in teaching and learning has changed.

In his presentations, Charles Crook talked about his work examining what actually happens with learning when people use technology and learn alongside others instead of individually. He makes comparisons with earlier ideas within pedagogy, referring to Piaget and Vygotsky.

"There exists an undeniable tension between teaching and learning and technology," he states.

Charles Crook mentions two symptoms of e-learning at institutes of education. One is the many students per teacher and the other is a changed pedagogy. What does it mean to be educated? He has looked at quality in communication and interaction between students in their work. He has also examined the significance of place and students' study environment.

The presentation provided an interesting insight into the research that requires a position alongside the technological developments within the world of teaching. It is important to establish in what ways social situations create new grounds for teaching and learning.

Translation based on the original text by Annette Skogsjö.
Photo by Annette Skogsjö.

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