Large Turnout at Propellern Employment Fair

07 Oct 2011 12:46

Erica Eliasson, projektledare på studenternas näringslivsenhet, NLE.
It was the first time being Project Leader of Propellern for Erica Eliasson and she was more than pleased with the results.

The number of visitors to this year's job fair went well beyond expectations. By 2 p.m., 2 600 visitors had turned up despite 2 500 being the expected number for the whole day.

"I'm extremely pleased with the fair. You can get help with many things here. Everyone from students to jobseekers can get something out of the fair," said Erica Eliasson from NLE, which is the student organisation that works with business and industry.

Two fairs in one

It is the first time the fair has been held in the Falu Kuriren Arena. Previously, it has been held every second year at Campus Borlänge. The reason behind this new move is that two fairs have been put together, namely Propellern and Jobb i Dalarna. This meant a need for a larger arena. Even if the space was big, however, at times it was still hard to make it to the exhibition tables.

If the number of visitors was large, so was the mix of visitors just as big, both in terms of age and education as well as in terms of work experience. The need for a mix of skills in the workforce is especially important for Dalarna according to Göran Carlsson, Head of Region Dalarna, who presented a seminar during the day.

Göran Carlsson på seminarium.
Göran Carlsson, Head of Region Dalarna, talked about the needs within the workforce in Dalarna.

Göran further mentioned the large number of people who will be retiring and the need for some 4000 qualified people in the regional labour market.

Companies find future employees

Qualified workers are needed at, for example, ABB, stated Carlsson. This Andre Halvarsson, from ABB, agreed with. ABB was just one of the 60 companies taking part in the fair.

"We have noted the contact information from many and encouraged those who are interested and who we believe could be of interest to us to send us more information," said Andre Halvarsson. 

Propellern is organised by NLE in collaboration with Visit FalunBorlänge and the Swedish Public Employment Service (Arbetsförmedlingen). This year was the 20th year in a row that the fair has been held.

Translation based on original Swedish text.