Audio Visual Artwork Exhibited at Mall

07 Nov 2011 10:05

Audiovisuella installationer
Artwork going through last-minute checks before doors opened to the public.

Over the coming week, students in Audio-Visual Production will be putting their work on display at Bergströms galleria in Falun.

"We were supposed to open the doors at 3 o'clock, but things are going to be tight," states Andrew Scott, Lecturer in Sound Production, as time closes in on 3 p.m. on Friday.

Preparations are in full swing, with students busying away. The work that will be on display took two months to complete, and is the final step of a module of studies for the 16 students. Eight compositions will be exhibited  on Friday and eight on Saturday. Each work of art combines sound with the visual.Nicklas Söderbergs installation

"Amazing project"

One student who is ready to exhibit his work is Nicklas Söderberg. He has built a doll whose head, body and feet are boxes on which pictures from a projector are shown. The exhibit includes a song that he himself has written.

"This project has been amazing. I would never have had the chance to create something like this had it not been for this course. The equipment that I would have needed is too expensive," he says.

Just like the others, Nicklas has about one year of studies left. When he completes his programme, he plans to specialise in music and be a full-time producer or musician. However, he combines sound and picture while still in the programme, one of few such programmes that exist.

Combining the visual with sound

"It's this we claim to be unique in. This programme is designed so that right from the start, sound is not separated from the visual," says Andrew Scott.

The exhibit is being held from noon on Saturday in Bergströms galleria in the former premises of DUKA, opposite H&M.

Audiovisuell produktion, 180 högskolepoäng (Swedish text)