Science and Technology Event Promotes Interest Among School Pupils

17 Mar 2017 12:45
Over two days, the pupils were able to conduct experiments and learn more about what programmes are being offered in the fields of science and technology.

Held for the last few years at Galaxen in Borlänge, the event is an opportunity for local school pupils in science and technology programmes to come together as a way to generate interest in the subject field. It is also an opportunity for local industry to show where exactly an education within these fields can lead.

Lars Ragnarsson from Järnkoll, a collaboration between schools and the steel industry, was one of the speakers during the event.

"Our goal is to build relations between the steel industry and the future workforce - some of that workforce is here today. I try to give a picture of the fantastic opportunities that exist within the industry and how the labour market will develop over the coming years."

The visiting pupils especially enjoyed the chance to conduct experiments: Linna Karlsson, Isabell Karlsson and Molly Hjort from Gylle skola in Borlänge were just three who welcomed the chance to use lights in their experiments.

"This event is great. You get to try out things and see how technology works," said Linn Karlsson.

The event is put together in collaboration between Dalarna University, Ljungbergsfonden, Teknikerjakten and Framtidsmuseet.

Translation based on the original text by Tina Sjöström.
Photos: Tina Sjöström