From Syria to Dalarna University

Hussam Almsalati worked as an architect in Aleppo until 2012 when the war in Syria broke out, making it impossible for him to continue in his profession.

Best Research Presentation Wins Prize

A research presentation in three minutes: this was the aim of the 17 doctoral students at Dalarna University who took part in Wednesday's competition to see who could successfully describe their research in a compact presentation format.

Library Celebrations at Campus Borlänge

Recent renovations have been carried out on the library so as to meet the study requirements of students and staff alike. Now the library can offer an increased number of study places as well as an open and light-filled environment for users.

Impact - from Knowledge to Practical Application

The growing fact is that those who finance research want to know in advance what the effects that research will have. Often, they require a description of potential results and a plan demonstrating exactly how researchers aim to optimize the effects.

Study in Sweden Pays Visit to Dalarna

Last week, a group from Study in Sweden made trips to visit a number of universities in northern Sweden, and one of those chosen was Dalarna University.

Guest Lecturer for Tourism Students

Students in the Bachelor and Master Programmes in Tourism had the opportunity to attend a guest lecture given by Celia Yoshiad Ahlin, Director of Development and Planning for Orsa Municipality.

The University's Forty-Year Jublieum Celebrations Begin

Forty years ago, Dalarna University was established. This milestone will be marked throughout 2017 with a series of events, the first of which included three lectures on Wednesday afternoon in the Campus Falun library.

Welcome Ceremony Spring 2017

To the sounds of folk music, students were welcomed to Dalarna University at the Lugnet kyrka as they began their first semester of studies.

Young International Researchers Meet at Dalarna University

The Nordic Summer Colloquium on Advanced Steel (NSCAS) is now underway at Campus Borlänge. Two weeks long, the summer symposium brings together young researchers from all over the world to share ideas and present their research findings.

"Edito, inedito, riedito"

... or in English "Printed, Unprinted, Reprinted", which was the official name of the Congress for Scandinavian Italians that took place at Dalarna University last week.

Visit from Lithuania's Klaipeda University

On Thursday, May 19, Dalarna University welcomed Alona Rauckienė-Michaelsson, Director of The Health Research and Innovation Center, Klaipeda University, Lithuania.

Erasmus+ Funding to Dalarna University

For the period June 1, 2016 - May 31, 2018, Dalarna University has been awarded 366 825 € for Erasmus+ mobility, higher education. This is an increase of 80 percent compared with previous years.

Students Attend International Student Conference in Madrid

Students from Dalarna University's International Tourism Management Programme were in Madrid recently to take part in the thirty-first International Tourism Student Conference. The theme this year was Smart Tourist Destinations - Do Visitors Really Care?

Visit to University in Algeria

Representatives from the Department of French at Dalarna University paid a visit to the University of Abdelhamid Ibn Badis, Mostaganem in Algeria in April, as part of Erasmus+.

Haiku Expert Talks Verses

Seventeen syllables, three lines. That is one part of the definition of a haiku. However, Herbert Jonsson, who has studied rhyming metre at the doctoral level, and who is currently Senior Lecturer in Japanese at Dalarna University, disagrees.

Sold-Out Existential Film Festival

Dalarna University hosted its thirteenth festival where nine films were shown and discussed with film-makers and audience members alike.

Maria Svedbo Engström Awarded Stipend

Dalarna University's Maria Svedbo Engström, who is also a Doctoral Student at Sweden's Nationella Diabetes Registret, NDR, and Gothenburg University, has been awarded 2016's healthcare stipend, writes Sweden's Nursing Organisation, Field of Diabetes.

Grammar Day at Dalarna University

On Friday in the Campus Falun Library, the national Grammar Day was celebrated as a way to increase general interest in the subject. The presenters talked about grammatical and linguistic points of interest in several languages.

School Pupils Receive Taste of Academic Life

Some 80 pupils from upper-secondary school came to the University on Wednesday to learn about university studies and not least the fact that subjects such as English Literature and English Grammar are far from being boring.

ISHA Award for License to Jump

The book License to Jump - A Story of Women's Ski Jumping has been nominated by the International Skiing History Asssociation (ISHA) as this year's book on skiing.

A Bright Future for Solar Energy Engineers

Master Programmes in Solar Energy Engineering at Dalarna University are better known in other countries than in Sweden itself, yet the Swedish market is growing and with it are professional opportunities for solar energy experts, writes Framtidens Energi.

Company Visit for Future Engineers

This week, students from Dalarna University visited local company Wikmanshyttan Safety, which manufactures safety equipment for distribution throughout the world.

Dalarna University Training Midwives in Bangladesh

For a number of years now, the University has been running a master programme for midwives in Somalia. It is now set to begin running programmes in Bangladesh in collaboration with the United Nations Population Fund.

British Method a Model for University Collaboration

Dalarna University, as well as the University of Gävle, are now running their own KTP projects. The KTP model is based on a British method that has proven itself to open doors between the university world and that of business and industry.

He Wanted To Study in an Exotic Country - Sweden

When Andy Yang from Taiwan decided to explore study exchange opportunities, he had - almost literally - the world to choose from: finally, he chose Sweden, for its culture, its cold climate and its northern lights.

What Is Most Frightening Is the Unpredictability

Campus Falun library welcomed attendees on Tuesday to a panel discussion under the theme of "Terror and Fear" that took up questions on how to understand acts of terror and how fear affects our own actions.

Future Midwives Attend Day of Research

On Tuesday, Dalarna University invited students and Health and Welfare professionals from three regions to attend presentations on research in the field of Sexual, Reproductive and Perinatal Health.

Arabic a Popular Subject at Dalarna University

As ever there is a wide range of courses to choose from this spring term at Dalarna University, with subjects as diverse as Literary Studies: Love and Dangerous Liaisons; Chinese for Business; and Shopfit, Design and Visual Merchandising.

Spring Term 2016 Begins at Dalarna University

With Monday morning came the beginning of student life for a number of new students. Many of them were international exchange students, who were greeted by the sound of traditional violin music before the Vice-Chancellor welcomed them with a speech.

Energy Renovation of Inhabited Dwellings Tested

In the residential area of Tjärna Ängar in Borlänge, an apartment block will undergo renovations to make it more efficient. The renovation is a research project being carried out by Dalarna Universiity.

Coffee and Language Served at the Student Union

Since term start, Dalarna's Student Union has been heading the language cafés that are currently being held both in Falun and in Borlänge. Open and free to everyone, the cafés are a way to enjoy a social event mixed with language practice.

Eleventh Africa Days for Dalarna University

Once again, Dalarna University hosted Africa Days, a two-day event, at Campus Falun, where attendees were able to participate in lectures and discussions on African culture and history.

International Theme at Dalarna University

On Wednesday, the annual Language and Diversity Day was held at both Campus Borlänge and Falun. The day's activities included the sampling of an array of international food items - with a chance to meet both international and Swedish students.

Article Awarded Prize

On Monday, Gunn Nyberg and Håkan Larsson from Dalarna University were awarded the prize for this year's best article in the journal Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy.

Focus on Future Democracy

On Wednesday, Dalarna University in collaboration with Falu kommun held this year's International Day of Democracy.

Delegation from China Visits Dalarna University

On Monday, a delegation from Nanchang Hangkong University (NCHU) in China visited the two Dalarna University campuses to discuss future collaboration related to research and education.

Autumn Term Begins!

Today marked the first day of term for Dalarna University students. Vice-Chancellor Marita Hilliges first welcomed Campus Borlänge students before heading to Lugnetkyrkan in Falun to greet students there.

Drones from Canada Set Their Sights on Gagnef

Over the week, representatives from Lakehead University, Canada, have been paying a visit to Dalarna University. The purpose of their being here is to demonstrate their drones as well as to discuss future collaboration with their Swedish counterparts.

A Week of Engineering in Borlänge for Local School Pupils

Thirty pupils from Dalarna were given the chance to attend an inspiring week-long programme at the Museum of the Future in Borlänge - a way of showing them in a fun way what it is like to be an engineer, states Project Leader Erika Zakrisson.

Krakow - A Dynamic Town with Much To Offer Students

A fantastic university town with over 200 000 students, many of them from other countries. A great selection of courses taught in English and a fantastic medieval town centre with excellent facilities for students.

A Fantastic Occasion for All New Graduates

It was a day of sun, excitement and laughter at the annual Graduation Ceremony held at Galaxen in Borlänge on Friday for students marking the end of their studies..

The King of Wikipedia

To date, Sverker Johansson of Dalarna University has posted some 3.6 million articles on Wikipedia - and he's not finished yet!

Multi-National Three-Day Language Conference

What happens with language when language borders are no longer as clear? This is just one question to be examined at this week's conference entitled Translanguaging - Practices, Skills and Pedagogy.

Film Festival with Focus on Discussion

It is once again time for the annual Existential Film Festival in Falun, where the focus is just as much on discussion as it is on the films themselves. Johan Croneman, Baker Karim and Ann Heberlein are just three of the guests scheduled to attend.

Rocks of Peace "No More War"

Stonecutter Kristian Lund's rock sculptures "Aldrig mera krig" ("No More War") is on display in the main hallway of Campus Falun.

Midwives Saving Women's Lives in Uganda

Unsafe abortion is one of the five most common causes of death for women in their fertile years. More training for midwives in Uganda is having an effect.

Technology Event for Future Professionals

On March 17 and 18, the annual Teknikmässan (Technology Fair) will be held for secondary school pupils from the region. There to take part in the event will be a number of key speakers and professionals from various industries.

Book Launch: "License to Jump"

The editors were in attendance at Dalarna University to launch the book that provides a history of women's ski jumping to its international status today.

Educationarena gets started!

On Wednesday, as part of World Championship activities, the first presentations were given at Campus Falun library.

Award to Dalarna University Researchers

Thomas Sedelius, Docent in Political Science at Dalarna University, and Olga Mashtaler, Doctoral Student at National University, Kiev, have been awarded the East European Politics Prize 2013 for best article.

Xiaoyun Zhao Awarded Licentiate for GPS Research

On Wednesday, January 21, Xiaoyun Zhao defended her licentiate thesis at Dalarna University, Campus Borlänge. Her research examined GPS-based traffic data and its use for mobility in the road system.

Dalarna University Library

Dalarna University library wins the category "Higher Education and Research" at the World Architecture Festival

Diversity and Language Day Celebrations 2014

With food from all corners of the world, a number of external organisations, and a professor who has spent his career researching predudice as a mechanism, Dalarna University once again celebrated Diversity and Language Day

Proud Students Celebrate Their Graduation

Galaxen in Borlänge was packed full last week when graduating students from Dalarna University came together to celebrate their graduation in a display of flowers and balloons, suits and gowns, and warm wishes of congratulations.

Nordic Network for Literacy Research

A Nordic network has been set up to increase research in the field of literacy. Representatives from each of the Nordic countries were in attendance at the network conference held at Dalarna University last week.

The Effects of a Global Society on Identity

What does global proximity such as the Internet affords us mean for the creation of identity? What are the effects of a global marketplace on identity? Such questions as these will be discussed at this week's international conference at Campus Falun.

Future Education, Student-Driven

Important questions as to the future of teaching were raised at this week's NGL conference, which involved two days of lectures and workhops. Many expressed the importance of educational development based on the needs of the student.

Next Generation Learning Conference Underway

On Wednesday, the second international NGL conference began at Campus Falun. John Traxler was the first to lecture on the effects of the digital revolution on education today.

The New University Library Soon To Open

The move into the new library has officially begun. On Thursday, the Vice Chancellor took possession of the key during a ceremony in the soon to be complete library building.

"A Great Way To Learn Another Language"

The language cafés are a wonderful place to learn another language with the help of a native speaker. That's how Coline Marquebreucq, French Café Host, describes Dalarna University's bi-weekly language cafés at the restaurant Kopparhatten.

NGL Programme: Twelve New Projects

The Next Generation Learning Programme at Dalarna University has been allocated funding for 12 new teacher-led projects, which over the course of 2014 will examine opportunities for development within teaching with support from NGL.

Equality and Accessibility Days

On December 3 and 4, Dalarna University, along with the Student Union, hosted a mini information fair about disabilities for the public, students and staff. As well. a documentary film - "Trogen till döden" - about the Straight Edge movement was open to p

Research Network in the Field of Sound and Music Production

Thirty-five researchers from Scandinavia gathered this week in the Media House in Falun to take part in a Sound and Music Production Conference. Its aim is to establish a network for researchers in this relatively new academic field.

Doctoral Students Present Their Research

For a second year, Dalarna University held a Doctoral Student and Supervisor Day, which was a chance for staff at the University to learn more about current research and for doctoral students to practise presenting their research.

Nitus Conference: Endless Possibilities

Never before has collaboration been as possible as it is today - nor as complex. On November 6 and 7, Dalarna University held a conference in collaboration with NITUS, the national network for municipal learning centres.

Web-Based Assessment in Focus

Web-based assessment was the topic of discussion at a workshop last week held at Dalarna University. Some 50 participants attended to find out more about the research being done in the field.

Order a Cup of Coffee in Somali

On Monday, visitors to the Language Cafés at Kopparhatten Café in Falun were able to learn more about Somalia and Somali.

Anonymous Examinations This Autumn

As of this autumn term, student examinations at Dalarna University will be anonymous. The person correcting the examination will not know whose it is. The purpose of this new move is to ensure fairer evaluation.

First Ever Recipient of the Alum of the Year Award

Maria Rolander, Managing Director of Näringslivet FalunBorlänge, has become the first ever recipient of the Alum of the Year Award. She was presented with the prize on Friday by Vice Chancellor Marita Hilliges.

Collaboration with Local Museum Carl Larsson-gården

Recently, Dalarna University collaborated with the local museum Carl Larsson-gården, located in Sundborn, where an exhibition about the artist's family and life will be open for the public from May 26 until August 11.

Africa Days: Tekeste Negash Recognized for his Work

The eighth Africa Days event at Dalarna University began with welcomes to all in attendance. The event was dedicated to Tekeste Negash, one of the founders of the Master's Programme in African Studies at Dalarna University.