Vice-Chancellor Marita Hilliges

Vice-Chancellor Marita Hilliges inside the library at Campus Falun. Marita Hilliges in the main building at Campus Falun.

Vice-Chancellor Marita Hilliges

Born in Stockholm in 1963, Marita Hilliges has been the Vice-Chancellor of Dalarna University since July 1, 2010. Prior to coming to Dalarna, she was Pro-Vice-Chancellor at another Swedish institute of higher education, namely Halmstad University. She is also a Professor of Neuroscience, her research having involved the study of the structure and function of the nervous system.

Her Role as Vice-Chancellor

"I am both delighted and proud to be Vice-Chancellor, something I'm sure is apparent! Every day, I get to meet so many interesting, capable and dedicated people. Together, we make good things even better. We educate people and build on the future. The issues that a vice-chancellor must work with are both challenging and diverse. I gladly take help and advice from a number of colleagues as well as others, since I know that through collaboration, good results can be achieved."

On the Future

"I want to strengthen our research profiles and retain the rights to offer third-cycle education. Further, we will continue to be at the forefront of Next Generation Learning. Dalarna University will be a positive environment in which to work, one where both students and employees do well. Also, it will continue to be an institute that attracts external interest in terms of collaboration and development."

Other Key Positions