Om Högskolan Dalarna

About DU

Since being established in 1977, Dalarna University has experienced rapid growth and today is the place of study for some 16 000 students and 800 employees. Our two campuses - one based in Falun, one in Borlänge - offer a wide range of educational opportunities.

Many courses and programmes are developed in close collaboration with regional business and industry, as well as other social sectors. The result of such collaboration is that over the last few years, students from Dalarna University have found employment in higher numbers than students from most other universities in Sweden, this according to the Swedish Higher Education Authority (Universitetskanslerämbetet).

Here, tradition and innovation in pedagogical development work in unison. Although many of our students take our campus-based courses, over 50 percent of all students are registered in web-based distance learning courses, for which Dalarna University is nationally recognised as a pioneer.

Accessible and open on a 24-hour basis, these web-based courses - our virtual campus - offer open lectures, seminars, and lessons in which participants can interact with one another using pictures, sound and text. These are just some of the features of what is termed Next Generation Learning, and our goal is to be a leader in this innovative pedagogical field.


Multi-National Three-Day Language Conference

What happens with language when language borders are no longer as clear? This is just one question to be examined at this week's conference entitled Translanguaging - Practices, Skills and Pedagogy.

Film Festival with Focus on Discussion

It is once again time for the annual Existential Film Festival in Falun, where the focus is just as much on discussion as it is on the films themselves. Johan Croneman, Baker Karim and Ann Heberlein are just three of the guests scheduled to attend.

Rocks of Peace "No More War"

Stonecutter Kristian Lund's rock sculptures "Aldrig mera krig" ("No More War") is on display in the main hallway of Campus Falun.