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Note that if you are an exchange student, you must register online as well as register with the International Office on campus so that your arrival can be confirmed. Only then can confirmation of your attendance be sent to your home university.

Electronic Identity (ID)

If you are a new student, you must first create an electronic identity before you can register. 

International students

If you are a new international student, you need a 10-character ID key before you can create an electronic identity: to request this 10-character ID key, complete and submit this online form.

This online form states that you must include your personnummer: for exchange students, this is the number that appears on the top left-hand side of your Letter of Acceptance; for other international students, this is the number (personal code no.) that appears on the top left-hand side of your Notification of Selection Results

If you experience problems, email support@du.se.

Electronic Identity (ID)

You create the electronic identity on activate.du.se.

How to Register Online

Follow these steps to register in a course (at the earliest, two weeks prior to course start):

1. After creating an electronic identity (above), use your username and password to log into My Pages.

2. At the top right of My Pages, you will see a red text if you have a programme or courses that you must register in.

Click on "Register" and check that you are registering in the correct semester:

• v stands for vår = spring in English
• h stands for höst = autumn in English

Therefore, v18 means spring semester 2018; h18 means autumn semester 2018.

When you have chosen the correct semester, click on the courses you need to register in. If you have a programme to register in, then you must register in that before you register in any courses.

3. Click on "Register" when you are finished.

You will now see which courses you are registered in: it can take up to 12 hours for all your courses to appear in DU's online learning platform, which is called Learn.

Roll-Call (Call for Participation)

To maintain your place, you must attend the roll-call (also called call for participation) for your programme/course(s). This is when your name is read out by the teacher and you confirm your place in the course. Often, this happens on the first day of your course.

If you cannot attend the roll-call, you must notify administration ahead of time by emailing support@du.se. If you do not do so, you will lose your place.



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