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Collaboration Between Business and Industry and the University

Throughout the duration of the project, the University provides both a qualified supervisor, most often a researcher, and a coach from business and industry. The University also provides access to lab resources. While at the company, the student earns a market-comparable wage: the company pays half while the rest is financed through project funds.

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KTP Projects

ScanArc Plasma Technologies AB, Hofors

Daniel provides the company with the competence it needs in the area of energy renewal. His tasks include technical calculations, presentation of technical specifications and contact with technical suppliers.

KTP Project Leader Daniel Sundberg
KTP Supervisor, Company Maria Swartling
KTP Supervisor Lars Karlsson
KTP Coach Johan Holmberg

Lastbilen i Sverige AB, Falun

Magnus is involved with the development of the franchise Lastbilen.se. His work takes him all around Sweden to visit current and future franchise stations. He is constantly working towards developing the company in all manners and areas - for example, its booking system, handbooks and webpages.

KTP Project Leader Magnus Engström
KTP Supervisor, Company Andreas Nilsson
KTP Supervisor Ola Norrbelius
KTP Coach Jan Erdholm

ScandBook AB, Falun

Christina's work means involvement in a number of effectivisation projects in the production line. As part of her project, she works with actual customer cases, where she is learning how the printing process works from start to finish.

KTP Project Leader Christina Birath
KTP Supervisor, Company Mikael Lindell
KTP Supervisor Petter Kolseth/Göran Land

Mora of Sweden AB, Mora

At Mora of Sweden, Rickard is part of an exciting project in the product development unit. There he is building a small laboratory, while coordinating diverse investments and procuring machines that will help test the knives on site in Mora.

KTP Project Leader Rickard Norstedt
KTP Supervisor, Company Henrik Eriksson
KTP Supervisor Per Carlsson
KTP Coach Barbro Trum

Detectus AB, Malung

Erika has a position at a small, dynamic company called Detectus AB. There she works to enhance and develop the marketing of the company. Erika plans and carries out a number of different marketing strategies that incorporate all facets of the company.

KTP Project Leader Erika Andersson
KTP Supervisor, Company Anders Eriksson
KTP Supervisor, Åsa Svensson/Petter Kolseth
KTP Coach Mikael Eriksson

Falu/Krylbo Elektra, Falun/Krylbo

Helena has the task of improving the company's marketing. She works in all areas, from the creation of the company's graphic profile to the review of marketing plans, and sales and communications processes.

KTP Project Leader Helena Limér
KTP Supervisor, Company Michael Wirhed
KTP Supervisor Petter Kolseth
KTP Coach Vacant

Mora of Sweden AB, Mora

Panos' work at Mora of Sweden has him involved with the development of two production groups/work stations that will help ensure that the specific level of quality is maintained and that a good work situation is in place for operators and other personnel. The work includes the enhancement of the physical flow of components and finished products in terms of equipment, work methods and work instructions, as well as service and maintenance instructions. 

KTP Project Leader Panos Kalfas
KTP Supervisors, Company Karl-Anders Jönsson and Leif Söderlund
KTP Supervisor Bengt Löfgren
KTP Coach Mandy Bengts

Printeliten Sverige AB, Falun

Emma's project involves the implementation of solutions that will help customers to lay out and order the company's products online. Each solution ties with the production flow and is integrated with printers. The goal is simplicity and professionalism online, with quality printing as the final product.

KTP Project Leader Emma Andersson
KTP Supervisor, Company Annelie Mikalsen
KTP Supervisor Hans Rosendahl
KTP Coach Eva Mandelqvist

Projekt Vassbo, Vassbo

This is a collaboration between Nohrstedt & PartnersNordpulsVassbo Herrgård and Vassbo Vandrarhem.

Jenny works with the packeting of the trademark Vassbo Herrgård. Vassbo Herrgård and its company aim to be nationally recognized when it comes to leadership, recruitment and HR. Jenny focuses on profiling and marketing Vassbo, as well as coordinating activities that the individual companies can benefit from. 

KTP Project Leader Jenny Svärd
KTP Supervisor, Company Mats Leonardsson
KTP Supervisor Jörgen Elbe
KTP Coach Mikael Eriksson

Bergkvist-Insjön AB, Insjön

Lisa worked on an effectivization project at a saw mill, while coordinating a series of different side projects.

KTP Project Leader Lisa Fredriksson
KTP Supervisor, Company Jörgen Prawitz
KTP Supervisor, Peter Karlsson/Mats Rönnelid
KTP Coach Fredrik Ahlgren

ProjektHydraulik Sverige AB, Borlänge

This company would like to have seen Rickard continue with them, but he decided, unfortunately for them, to move to Gothenburg where he could continue his studies at Chalmers.

This KTP project began when the company recognized a large market among a number of diverse industries. To make improvements in today's hydraulic systems that are intended for the industry, clear information must be available about the current situation in terms of energy costs. The project aims to produce an energy survey that will provide a clear and easily understood picture of improvements that can be made as a means of reducing costs.

KTP Project Leader Rickard Andersson
KTP Supervisor, Company Lennart Strandberg
KTP Supervisor, Bengt Löfgren
KTP Coach Kjell Andersson

Log Max AB, Grangärde

Upon completing his KTP project, Ronny was given a permanent position at  Log Max AB i Grangärde. There he is now in charge of the hydraulic system in a world-class forestry company.

The project materialized from the need the company had for competence to run a project together with subcontractors to design the hydraulic systems of the future.

KTP Project Leader Ronny Hagman
KTP Supervisor, Company Jan Karlsson
KTP Supervisor Michael Lindgren

New Graduates

Career Ladder Head-Start

It’s not always easy for the new graduate to get an immediate career start. KTP can help change that. It offers you, the new graduate, the opportunity to start climbing the career ladder right away by giving you the chance to start work on a project idea in an actual company.

You are employed by Dalarna University as a KTP Project Leader: this is a full-time position for up to two years. You will receive a market-comparable wage, half paid by the company and half financed by project funds.

KTP is a great opportunity for you, the new graduate, to develop your professional competence by working at a company while receiving support form a coach from business and industry and a supervisor from the University. You will also be able to take courses that relate to your project throughout its duration.

KTP benefits everyone involved. Results from Scotland demonstrate that the companies that are involved develop, the region develops and not least you the new graduate benefit by gaining qualified experience immediately upon graduation.

How does it work?

Companies that are interested in being involved must meet a number of criteria: for example, they must be financially stable and show potential for growth. They must have a maximum of 250 employees and a minimum of 5 employees.

Together with the company, KTP draws up a project plan and a KRAVSPECIFIKATION for the KTP Project Leader. After this, a recruitment announcement is published publicly, after which a number of applicants are called in for an interview.

What can you expect from KTP?

Are you ambitious? Are your academic results good? Is your aim to quickly and efficiently start climbing the career ladder? If you answered yes, then KTP Dalarna can be the start of something big!

If you are one of the lucky ones to participate in KTP, then you can expect long days and a good deal of responsibility. KTP has the potential to change not just you yourself but also – just maybe – an entire company. It will be whatever you make of it.

With the help of KTP supervisors, researchers, coaches and company personnel, you can bank on two full-packed years with many opportunities for you to develop innovative ideas. Who knows, perhaps you’ll be the one to develop a new operating system for computers or an innovative means to collecting solar energy!

  1. Application of Interest KTP

    The company registers its interest in the project. A project lasts between one and two years.

  2. Selection 1

    Companies are selected to go further in the process.

  3. TBN Analysis

    In collaboration with IUC Dalarna, a TBN analysis is conducted by the companies.

    The working model has four steps:

    - Identify
    - Initiate
    - Carry out
    - Evaluate

    The TBN analysis forms the foundation for selection 2: more information about TBN analysis (in Swedish).

  4. Selection 2

    A project description is drawn up and the selection group decides whether it will be a KTP project. The selection group is made up of representatives from the project as well as representatives from business and industry.

  5. Recruitment of KTP Project Leaders

    Both the companies as well as the general project idea are in place: now begins the recruitment process of graduates with the required competence. Recruitment involves a standard work interview in collaboration with the company and KTP. The Project Leader is employed by Dalarna University and placed out at a company.

  6. Planning

    The KTP Project Leader and the company write the project plan with support from the university supervisor and the coach.

  7. Evaluation/Results

    We evaluate each project on a continual basis and share the results.

Press Releases

2015-12-16 | Dalarna University awarded EU funding for professional collaboration with business and industry

Dalarna University awarded EU funding forprofessional collaboration with business andindustryThe EU has awarded Dalarna University just over 28 million kronor for three large-scalecollaborative projects involving regional businesses and industry for the next three years. Thetotal budget is approximately 60 million kronor, the other financial partners being RegionDalarna, Region Gävleborg, Dalarna University and over 30 businesses. The projects willcommence early in the new year.

KTP – Knowledge exchange between universities and businessesTwo of the projects involve the development of the KTP (Knowledge Transfer Partnerships)concept. The budget is 45 million kronor total. The purpose of KTP is to afford a newlygraduated academic, with help from a qualified supervisor (a teacher, researcher, or businesscoach) the opportunity to complete a strategic developmental project at a company within theregion. This may involve the development of, for example, a market, product, service or process.

The newly graduated project leader receives a commercially competitive wage. Experiencehas shown that many companies go on to offer the project leader a position of employment atthe conclusion of the project.

The project KTP Energi is being carried out along with the University of Gävle and isdirected at companies that in various ways are interested in energy effectivisation andrenewable energy sources.

The project KTP Smart Specialisering focuses on strategical areas of development within theregion: advanced industry, innovative experience production, energy-efficient socialconstruction, and health and welfare.

EKC – Energikompetenscentrum
The third university project, with a budget of just over 12 million kronor, to be awarded EUfunding is the Energy Competence Centre – the development of the field of energy-efficientsocial construction. It aims to develop a knowledge centre at Dalarna University forcollaborative purposes within the field of energy.

Its purpose is to increase research in regional companies through the transfer of knowledgeand new forms of collaboration within the field of energy effectivisation and renewableenergy.

For more information about KTP, contact: Per Edén, ped@du.se; 070-369 85 50; 070-369 85 50

For information about EKC, contact: Hans Ersson, her@du.se; 023-77 84; 23-77 84 07

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