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The information on this page is directed at new international students. It is given by campus: see Campus Borlänge or Campus Falun, depending on when you will be studying this semester.

Campus Borlänge

Monday, January 15

Information to come.

Campus Falun

Preliminary Schedule

Monday, January 15

09.00-10.00 - Welcome Ceremony at Lugnetkyrkan, close to Campus Falun, with the Student Union and Vice-Chancellor.

10.00-11.00 - Information and Registration, International Office: Lecture Hall 4 (Fö4), Campus Falun

11.00-12.00 - Help Desk (university main entrance) for photographs and keycards

12.00 - Lunch at Kåre (Student Union in Falun): cash only

13.00 - Activity tour of Falun

14.40 - Meet up again at Kåre

19.00 - Wires games night and drinks at Kåre


All students must register for courses online on My Pages - My Studies (you need to log in). You can do so up to two weeks ahead of your first class in each respective course. Registration for each course closes on the last Sunday before the course begins.

Contact support@du.se if you have questions about registration.

If you are an exchange student, you must also register with the International Office on campus so that your arrival can be confirmed. Only then can confirmation be sent to your home university.

Compulsory Call for Participation (Roll Call)

Call for Participation (Roll Call) at the beginning of each course confirms your registration. You attend this either online or on campus (contact the head of your course/Programme Director for details.

If you do not attend, you will lose your position on the course. If you are prevented from attending, send an email to studieadm@du.se or phone +46 (23) 77 80 00.

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