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By law, Swedish universities cannot own student housing. This means that we are limited in what we can do to help you secure housing in Falun and Borlänge. This, coupled with the fact there is a Sweden-wide housing shortage (worse in large cities than it is in Dalarna), is why you need to apply early for housing.

When To Apply for Housing

Apply for housing the moment you receive your Letter of Acceptance (exchange students) or Notification of Selection Results (other international students) from Dalarna University: housing is not automatically guaranteed. Often students show up without having applied for housing in advance, and at times there is little we can do to help. Avoid being one of these students simply to make your own life as stress-free as possible.

If you are coming with family members, you should be sure to contact the housing companies below at least four months before the semester start.

How to Apply for Housing

The first step to applying for student accommodation is to register in the queue with the one of the housing companies listed below. 
Register in the housing queue at Tunabyggen (International Students only)

Register in the housing queue in Kopparstaden (International Students only)

After you register in the queue and submit proof of your admission to Dalarna University you will be contacted by the housing company (typically within two days) with login information. You can then login to their website and search for student housing, if anything is available.

If you are unable to secure accommodation through either Tunabyggen or Kopparstaden please contact the housing coordinator who works for the student union at housing@dalastudent.se. The housing coordinator will try to help you find alternative accommodation.

Falun or Borlänge?

Keep in  mind your subject area when choosing which town to look for housing in: the distance between the towns in about 18 kilometres.

Main Subject Areas by Campus

Campus Borlänge

  • Computer Science & IT
  • Economics & Business
    Graphic Design
  • Technology & Engineering
  • Science

Campus Falun

  • Culture and Languages
    Health Care & Medicine
  • Sport & Health
  • Teacher Education

Student Housing


In Falun, Kopparstaden is the company that owns the student housing called Britsen. It is especially popular among international students studying at Campus Falun. It offers individual unfurnished and furnished apartments in a corridor-like setting, each with its own kitchen and bathroom. From there, it takes about 25 minutes to walk to campus, 25 minutes to the train station, and 20 minutes to downtown. It is also located within a few minutes of a number of supermarkets.

If you would prefer to take the bus (perhaps you are studying in Borlänge), then there is one that runs from Britsen to central Falun (Knutpunkten), where you change to catch one to Campus Borlänge or, indeed, to Campus Falun.

Facts – Britsen:

  • All accommodation about 23 square metres
  • Own bathroom, shower, small kitchen
  • Shared laundry facilities
  • Internet: included in the rent


Tunabyggen in Borlänge offers student apartments and rooms in three different areas of town, all close to downtown, campus, sporting facilities and shopping. (There are other housing companies, such as Masmästeren, HSB, Riksbyggen, but they do not specifically cater to students.) The main building, Locus, is an incredibly social, international environment, the result being fun interactions such as internationally themed dinners, parties and conversation. There is a small gym/workout room and an activity room for social events.

Most student housing in Borlänge is located in an area called Tjärna ängar, a 10-minute walk to Campus Borlänge. Tjärna ängar is home to a large immigrant population (Sweden takes in large numbers of refugees and other immigrant groups): this makes for a vibrant dynamic, be it somewhat segragated from residential areas populated mainly by Swedes.

Facts – Locus:

  • Corridor: basic furnished room for sleep/study; 1 kitchen per 6 rooms; shared laundry
  • Shared apartments: own room; shared living room, kitchen, bathroom, laundry
  • Internet: students organize this themselves

Private Housing

If you do not or cannot choose student housing, you can rent a room in a house or an apartment that someone is subletting. Such housing is difficult to find if you are not physically in Dalarna; however, you can visit Blocket, a website that lists such accommodation (it includes everything from a room in an apartment (lägenhet) to a cabin (stuga)).

  • ROK/R.O.K. means "room and kitchen"
  • 1 ROK means 1 kitchen and 1 room that serves as both a living room and a bedroom
  • 2 ROK means 1 kitchen, 1 living room and 1 bedroom
  • kvm = square metre

Temporary Housing

There are other companies that you can contact, especially if you need temporary housing:



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